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Ok, I got it
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Hi! Welcome to my site! Click on a page and let's get started! You can go to my profile page to find out more about me, the comment board to leave me a message, favorite music if you want to see my list of favorite songs likes & dislikes for what I politely like and/or don't like. I sometimes have contests up on my "contests" page. I have a guinea pig and his name is Butterscotch, so I talk alot about him on that page. There are also some pictures of him on that page. I have a fan club with games pictures, and I even keep a diary. It is password protected so to join you must go to the "Join my fan club" page because, all the instructions are on there. I have a blog called "My life" where I write about my day , and all kinds of stuff like that. I have a webshow which I sometimes do with my little sister, Nathalie. So, be sure to check that one out. I sell some merchandise on the "CarolineStore" , where you can use real money OR your carolinePoints to buy something. Check it out!

                                        Caroline xx
My Pages
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